Green Mission

Why use mason jars as the mechanism to hold your delicious meals?

Doing business can have a negative impact on the environment. I strongly believe we can all do our part in some ways to be more conscious of how we use resources and how we can be sustainable as individuals and as businesses. Using mason jars will reduce the amount of paper goods used to store the meals. I hope you can partner with me to make this sustainable as a business and as partners to reduce the carbon print to Mother Earth. When you reorder, please bring your mason jars so I can sanitize and reuse them for the next meals. This will greatly reduce the paper and disposable wastes in our landfill. I will reduce your next order by $.50 for every jar you return.

These are some of things I’m doing at Linwood Avenue Kitchen:

  • All my vegetables and fruit scraps are composted daily. The composted soil is used to nourish my garden of fruits, vegetables, trees, and flower plants. I have peppers, fig tree, blueberries, watermelon, avocado tree, lemon tree, mint, onion, potatoes, tomatoes, kale, nectarine tree, dahlias, peonies, lavender, gardenia, mini roses, bougainvillea – flourishing in my front and back yards – a beautiful work in progress.
  • I’m committed to use green packaging whenever possible and less of it.
  • All cardboard and paper products are recycled weekly.
  • All food scraps are recycled in my green bin.